Why You Should Visit Morton Illinois In The Fall

Just south of Peoria in the state of Illinois is a village called Morton. This tiny location is a very important destination for those that enjoy pumpkins. You have perhaps heard of many different states having pumpkin festivals, but there are very few that can compare with the one in Morton. Known as the Pumpkin Capital of the World, it is a location that has not only this notoriety, but many other locations in and around the village that you can enjoy.

Why Is This The Pumpkin Capital Of The World?

The primary reason that this is the main location where most of the canned pumpkin is produced is because of the climate, and also because of the sheer volume of pumpkins that are grown in this region. For those that have made pumpkin pie before, you know that you can go to the store in order to get the pumpkin that you need. Most of this was produced in this village, yet there are other activities and attractions that you can see once you arrive.

What You Can Do Once You Get To Morton

Morton is known for several different things. First of all, there are several different parks that you can visit. If your kids have never gone fishing before, there is a park that has a pond that has fish during the spring and summer. If you like to play frisbee, jog, or simply enjoy wildlife, you can visit these parks and see quite a few unique birds flying by. In addition to this, it’s a wonderful place to have a picnic, allowing you to relax in this beautiful area for a couple of hours.

In addition to this, there is a roller rink, bowling alley, and very nice restaurants that you can frequent. It is close enough to Peoria that you could actually stay there and come to visit Morton for the day if you want to do. Most people think of Illinois in terms of the large cities like Chicago, but it’s also a location where some rural communities have a lot to offer. This is why so many visit Morton regularly, and if you get to experience the Pumpkin Festival, you will understand why it is an attraction that brings in people from all over the United States. Try to plan your trip during the second week of September if possible so that you can do everything and also see the Pumpkin Festival that they have every year. You might discover that this little community will be one of your favorite destinations when you travel to Illinois.