There Are Two Movie Theaters To Choose From In Morton IL

The cinema is calling your name, and the wonderful town of Morton IL has two theaters to choose from. One is closer than the other, but both are close enough to consider for your movie adventure. Morton is a charming village in Illinois that is part of the city of Peoria. Voted one of the top 10 towns for families awhile back, Morton is a gem of a place. Let’s get to looking at those two theaters so you can go catch that movie at the cinema.

Morton Cinemas is located at The Field Shopping Center. The exact address so you can find it easily is 2115 South Main Street. You don’t want to be late to the movies. You can see quite a lot of information about Morton Cinemas after a search, without actually visiting the website. Showtimes for movies even pop up. Of course, when you visit the website, you can find showtimes for all movies, information about the movies that are coming soon and much more. In fact, you can even sign up for their newsletter so that you can stay up to date by email.

What you can’t see on the actual website for the theater is reviews. You might want to see the reviews and ratings, too, so that you can decide whether you want to go to Morton Cinemas or drive a few more miles to go to AMC Classic Sunnyland 10. Of course, it also matters about the type of theater. Have you ever looked up a theater to visit and watch a current movie, only to find out that it shows older movies?

All types of theaters are fun to visit, but make sure that you know what type of theater that you are visiting. AMC Classic Sunnyland 10 indeed shows new movies that have just been released. You will find that they offer movies in 3D, too. That is something you might be interested in, seeing which of the two theaters has the movie you want to see in 3D.

Of course, those showtimes matter, too. One movie theater may have the showtime that fits your schedule the best. One of them might also have the most comfortable seating or the best choices for snacks. At least you have two great choices for cinemas in Morton. That is pretty good for a small village in Illinois, wouldn’t you say? Pick a place and a time and enjoy your movie adventure.

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